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Storage management: Those Runaway Expenses...

The results of the "2001 Cost of Downtime" survey recently conducted by Contingency Planning Research (CPR) showed the average hourly impact of downtime and data loss by business sector:

  • Retail brokerage: US$ 6.5m per hour
  • Credit Card sales authorisation: US$ 2.6m per hour
  • Home shopping channels: US$ 110'000 per hour
  • Airline reservation Centers: US$ 90'000 per hour
  • Package shipping service: US$ 28'250 per hour
  • Manufacturing: US$ 26'761 per hour
  • Banking: US$ 17'093 per hour
  • Transport: US$ 9'435 perhour

Storage management

Data may be your most important resource, and availability and protection of that data is critical.
Protect your business from disasters: planning for disasters is critical, consider the risk of lost revenue and lost productivity.
Storage manager: Twincom products offer simple, professional and proven solutions!

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