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Save your day and   your data.

Every day you store all the data that's critical to the operation of your business onto a magnetic platter that's spinning so fast the slightest bump or briefest static surge can grind your business to a halt. Obviously, if you value your business, this is unacceptable.

Hard disk failure can cost you your business and ruin your day. Immunity is the Fault Tolerant, Disk Mirroring, RAID Level One software that will save your day. And your data.

Immunity runs with any PC under MS-DOS and DOS-based peer-to-peer networks.

A MS-DOS-based disk volume shadowing program from Twincom to preserve system operations in the event of a disk crash.

Revolutionary operations

The real advantage of Immunity is that, once installed, you can forget it until the day you need it. Immunity installs easily onto almost any combination of two hard disks -- including removable cartridges and partitioned disks.

With Immunity running invisibly in the background, every save becomes an automatic back-up. And should something happen to your primary hard disk, Immunity immediately steps in and switches your operations over to the secondary hard disk, without user intervention. You stay up and running and get all the day's work done without interruption.

Immunity at a glance

  • Software device driver provides continuous data protection by mirroring every save to a second hard disk, while requiring only 20K of RAM.

  • Runs on IBM PC/XT, PC/AT, PS/2, Intel 386, 486 or compatible under PC/MS DOS 3.3 or higher, as well as Microsoft Windows.

  • Works with most combinations of hard disks and one or two standard (MFM, IDE, RLL, SCSI, ESDI) controllers operating within the same PC.

  • Works on LANtastic, Netware Lite, IBM PC LAN, Invisible Network, 10 Net, Tops, Promised LAN, PC/NOS, Network OS, DNA, and other DOS based LANs.

  • Mirrors the complete disk or selected partitions.

  • Fastseek provides faster access to data and less read/write head wear.

  • On screen error notification, error logs and repair utilities inform you of a problem and provide details of the error for trouble shooting purposes.

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