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Creative Consultancy

We are the specialists ... and consultants ready to assist.

Your computer system's performance relies on each of its components... a driver cannot be missing... the interface between operating system and software cannot be weak... the support from the manufacturer must be sufficient. To maintain your competitive edge, there must be no weak links in your system software.

Twincom is your absolute specialist in the area of system oriented software. And we can do it within your defined timeframe. We write simple programs that work. And we can do it for you. At a fee per project or on hourly basis.

And because we work extremely fast, we are very affordable.

Practical case.

General practitioners, working with the Medicom system developed by PharmaPartners (The Netherlands), expressed their need for a portable workstation to be used "en route" and at the bedside of their patients. Twincom Creative Consultancy developed the hard software for this project, including:
  • Smartcard driver for entry security and encryption of information
  • Data communication interface for connection with the RAM Mobile Data network.

B. F. van Leenen (G.P.) "en route" with the Portable Medical Workstation.

The development of these software drivers and implementation support took the Twincom team three weeks. Actual production of the software was accomplished in eight working days.

The Portable Medical Workstation is operational in 12 medical practices throughout The Netherlands with additional medical practices being added regularly.

Partnership with TWINCOM.

Experience with the following environments: SCO Unix, SCO OpenServer 5, Solaris X86, Solaris SPARC, Interactive Unix, Solaris, Motorola Unix SVR4, IBM AIX, Caldera Open Linux, Redhat, etc.

Program Language: C

Delivery Time: Between 1 day and 2 weeks

Planning Time: 1 week

References: MOTOROLA Cellular USA, EDS, PharmaPartners Healthcare Systems, SUN Microsystems, Tunisian Government, Nedlloyd Shipping, Union Bank of Switzerland, etc.

On Site: On site working is possible.

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