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Twincom BV

Twincom is an international software-house, focused on Unix system software.
Started in 1991, Twincom has brought onto the market standard products like "Dual Disc Mirror" and "Network Disc Mirror" for volume shadowing and server mirroring on different Unix platforms.
With operations in Europe and the North America (Canada), installations have taken place worldwide in mission critical applications.
Typical applications are: Point of Sale, telecommunications, on-line reservation databases, production plants and health care providers.

The total amount of installations is about 4250.

TWINCOM is a private held company, owned by the management and employees.

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Twincom North America
Twincom North America:
CipherSoft Inc. Suite #205, 279 Midpark Way SE, Calgary, AB. T2X 1M2 Canada
Tel: (403) 256-5699
Fax: (403) 256-5695
Toll Free: 1-800-234-8088
[Dutch location,  click for map ]
Twincom BV (Main operations)
Van Coothplein 18
4811 NE Breda
Mail address:
P.O. Box 4984
4803 EZ Breda
The Netherlands
Tel +31-76 5436202
Fax +31-76 5436203

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